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We use the results of our research to "change the voice" of many types of stringed instruments and bows. These same results naturally allow us to diagnose and correct individual tone problems as well.

Often a stringed instrument player only wants to correct a particular problem with an instrument, such as a wolf tone, buzz, speaking problem etc. We can help. We offer an initial free consultation. Of course, you are welcome to send or bring your instrument to us by prior arrangement. All tonal changes can be demonstrated reversibly before actual permanent change is made. In this way, you are assured that we understand the problem and can correct it before you proceed.

We would also like to try help those who are distant on an experimental basis and offer an inital free consultation online as well. We will need to see and hear the instrument so you will need a fast internet connection, a webcam with a microphone and a suitable (free) video call program such as Skype.

What do you have to lose?

Contact us to make arrangements. We hope to hear from you soon.

Ted Sinoski and Family

...The same research allows us to "change the voice" of instruments or correct individual tone problems.