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Online Store

Violin Sign

We offer the products of our research in our online store.

A Better Way To Shop

Making contact and shopping with us through the internet offers more flexibility than visiting a traditional shop:

  • preview offerings (sound, photos) from anywhere
  • visit at your convenience
  • visit as often as you like
  • save time
  • save travel expense
  • get the advice of others easily
  • make comparisons easily

If you have a suitable internet connection you can contact us using an instant messenger, audio conversation or video. You can ask questions and get demonstrations.

Finally, you can visit, just like a traditional shop.

Assured Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Return any purchased item in original condition within 14 days for a complete refund. Our prices include all local taxes and shipping expenses.

Trade In / Sell

We welcome suitable trade ins on completed purchases, and even buy some instruments and bows outright.


We can diagnose specific tonal problems and "preview" the result of proposed modifications with complete reversibility. Initial consultation online or in our shop is always free. Estimates are given individually.

...Your satisfaction is assured. You can return any purchase for a full refund.