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The sound of instruments created by Italian luthiers in the town of Cremona during the years 1550-1750 is legendary. The best instruments were noted for:

  • tone quality
  • quick response
  • even response
  • wide playing range
  • ease of play
  • sonority
  • sound projection
  • dynamics (soft to loud)
  • workmanship
  • beautiful varnish

Although these instruments are valued for their appearance, it is their tone and responsiveness that most makes them sought after. The Cremonese makers were able to produce consistently a characteristic sound in violins, violas, cellos, double basses, mandolins, guitars, harps, lutes... and even bows.

The secrets of how to create this sound were closely held and apparently became lost. They were handed down from master to apprentice and no known record remains.

Today, instruments from that period in good condition command astounding prices.

...Now, it is possible to create exquisite tone and response in instruments of even modest origin. This is the renaissance of a previously lost skill.